Project Resolute–Canadian CG Icebreaker Proposal



Tups pointed to this in a comment on an earlier post, but I think it is potentially important enough to justify a separate post.

Of course if the Canadians don’t accept the proposal, we could do something similar.

1 thought on “Project Resolute–Canadian CG Icebreaker Proposal

  1. The negotiations about the interim icebreakers for the CCG seem to have stalled and Aiviq is apparently off the table (article in French; translation with Google):

    “Nothing to help the climate, the bulk of the four icebreakers proposed by the yard, the Aiviq, is removed from the negotiations which could greatly reduce the expected benefits. However, it is the modification of this icebreaker that requires more work and that would create the most jobs. The Aiviq conversion could last up to two years and employ up to 400 people.”

    Also, the CCG seems to have their own rebuilding program, “Program Icebreaker”, which they have not published (again Google translation):

    “The absence of federal contracts for the construction of new vessels at Davie could be even more difficult for Ottawa to defend. Strategic documents obtained by Radio-Canada show that there is a plan that the government refuses to disclose publicly. It is aimed at building six new icebreakers.”

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