Russia Builds Very Large Rescue Cutter–But Not for Their CG

Shipyard in West Russia lays down Project 23700 Rescue Support Ship Voyevoda

NavyRecognition has a report on a new ships under construction, the Project 23700 rescue support ship Voyevoda.  You might assume a rescue vessel would be built for their Coast Guard, but this was ordered by Russia’s Industry and Trade Ministry and will be operated by the Federal Agency for Sea and Inland Water Transport (Rosmorrechflot)

The Project 23700 ship Voyevoda is designed to support rescue operations and transport and supply small search and rescue craft. The ship can carry four boats and two helicopters. The vessel has a displacement of 7,500 tons, a length of 111 meters, a width of 24 meters, a speed of 22 knots and endurance of 5,000 miles.

2 thoughts on “Russia Builds Very Large Rescue Cutter–But Not for Their CG

  1. Rosmorrechflot already operates a fleet of rescue and salvage vessels, including some with significant icebreaking capability, but the new vessel is a departure from the more “workboat-like” ships they currently have. Also, while it’s just a concept rendering, the existing fleet has a bright red hull (and sometimes red superstructure) with the text “RESCUER” painted in white.

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