Asbestos Exposure Question

For some reason this comment did not show up on the Comments list as it should have, but it really deserves more attention anyway.

This was asked in response to an earlier post, “MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION OF ASBESTOS AND LEAD EXPOSURES ON COAST GUARD CUTTERS CONSTRUCTED PRIOR TO 1991.” I hope someone can help with this.

I was able to find 2 of the ships I was stationed on which were listed in HSWLSCTD 2017-009 where can I find the ships Prior to 1988. I was on stationed on the CGC Leguare W144 a 125 ft vessel and the CGC Rockaway W377 a 311. I have asbestosis in both lungs which is terminal . I received the major exposure to asbestos on the Rockaway on the clean up crew from the fires on board. We were covered in Asbestos fiber and dust . Can you help me find the for those ships listing . Thank You, Glenn A Mushett USCG RMC RET

3 thoughts on “Asbestos Exposure Question

  1. Mare Island opened in 1854, and started Using Asbestos in 1901. The First Ship to use Asbestos as a Thermal Insulation was the Bark (i.e. Coal/Sail Light Cruiser) USS Intrepid in 1903. And closed in 1996. It was Cheaper to let Mare Island “Whither On the Vine” than to pay for the Clean Up Cost to keep Mare Island operational. The Asbestos permeated EVERYTHING including the Groundwater Table

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