More on the FY2019 Budget—and—Killing the Crew Rotation Concept?

NSC 5 James on builders trials in the Gulf of Mexico March 30, 2015.

Homeland Security Today gives us the best summary of the proposed Coast Guard budget, and it had an interesting small item.

$32 million in savings associated with the elimination of the Crew Rotation Concept (CRC) pilot program, which standardizes NSC fleet operations and avoids costly and ineffective implementations in two other NSC homeports.

I presume this means they will close down the multiple crewing experiment in Alameda (looks like a nice building) and make no attempt to implement it in Charleston and Honolulu.

I’ve been arguing against this for almost eight years. Its nice to see sanity prevail. Certainly the provision of more Bertholf Class cutter has helped make this more acceptable.

5 thoughts on “More on the FY2019 Budget—and—Killing the Crew Rotation Concept?

    • Currently homeports planned are Alameda, Charleston, and Honolulu. As long as we don’t exceed 12, that probably will not change, Original concept that included crew rotation was three in each homeport, but we had already decided there would be four in Alameda. Plan was two in Charleston and two in Honolulu, but presume if we get ten it will be three in Charleston and three in Honolulu.

      At least the first few Icebreakers will probably all end up in Seattle unless they decide to put one or more in New Zealand. That has at least been considered .

    • I do think it means conventional crewing. The crews have grown a bit since the original plan, which if I recall correctly was 110. It is more than that now. The additional NSC hulls will absorb any extra crew we had for this.

      • The 378s still have/had a larger crew. I think on Midgett we had a complement of about 154 (its been a long time), but we ran with more than 170.

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