Request for Proposal for Up to Three Icebreakers

USCGC Polar Star will be 47 years old by the time we see a replacement. USCGC photo.

The Navy has issued a Request for Proposal with options for up to three heavy polar icebreakers. Its not a block buy, but it is a bit of a surprise. I have copied and pasted the brief summary below. (Thanks to Tups for bringing this to my attention.)

Solicitation Number:
Notice Type:
Added: Feb 14, 2018 2:17 pm

The Naval Sea Systems Command plans to issue an unrestricted solicitation for the procurement of the Detail Design and Construction (DD&C) of up to three (3) Heavy Polar Icebreakers (HPIB) under a Fixed Price Incentive Firm (FPIF) Contract. This contract will award Advance Procurement and Detail Design, and include option line items to procure three (3) Heavy Polar Icebreakers. The contract will also include options for Provisioned Items orders to outfit the ships and purchase spares, repair parts, and other special equipment; Engineering and Industrial Services in support of Government systems installation and post-delivery activities; Special Studies for Government-directed engineering tasks; and Crew Familiarization. The HPIB will be procured utilizing full and open competition in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 15, Contracting by Negotiation. Award is anticipated to be made to a single Offeror who offers the Best Value to the Government as determined by the tradeoff process as defined in Sections L and M of the Solicitation. The solicitation is anticipated to be posted within 30 days, this synopsis is provided as an advance notice.

This synopsis and any updates and/or changes for this planned procurement, the posting of the RFP, and any future Amendments to the RFP, will appear at the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website located at Inquires/questions concerning this announcement may be e-mailed to the Naval Sea Systems Command, Shipbuilding Contracts Division representatives listed below.

The points of contact for this posting are Ms. Melissa Donnelly, Contract Specialist, e-mail AND Mr. James Platner, Contracting Officer, e mail, Please send inquiries via e-mail to both points of contact. No telephone inquiries will be accepted and requests for solicitation packages will not be honored, as a solicitation is not prepared at this time. This notice does not constitute an Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government.

The contracting agency is: Naval Sea Systems Command, 1333 Isaac Hull Ave SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC. 20379-2020

Contracting Office Address:
SEA 02
1333 Isaac Hull Avenue SE
Washington Navy Yard, District of Columbia 20376
United States
Primary Point of Contact.:
James E. Platner,
Contracting Officer
Secondary Point of Contact:
Melissa Donnelly,
Contract Specialist

10 thoughts on “Request for Proposal for Up to Three Icebreakers

    • Yes there are options for future years. That is the way the Coast Guard has been doing their ship building contracts. It is dependent on future year funding for #2 and #3. Still it at least suggest that we have near term plans for the second and third.

      • I’m not surprised. Doubt they would have done a block buy for a first in class vessel plus 2 others. Makes sense to buy and test the first, and have options for the remainders. May have to make design changes, etc.

        Really interested to see who submits. Predict NASSCO and Marinette Marine/Fincantieri with Acker Philly, don’t know if Ingalls will submit or Vigor Seattle.

      • What I had heard was going to happen was buy one and then latter a block buy for #2 and 3. Maybe the option for two and three is in the form of a block buy. At any rate, good news–finally.

  1. Follow on ships all depend on HOW the option is structured. And of course whether the Congress appropriates enough to fund one or two more ships.
    NASSCO is always a good source, depends on their orderbook?
    Aker Philly just had a cancellation, but more imporatantly can they build a heavy icebreaker in their DD?
    Does Fincantieri have an icebreaker in its porfolio? Does MMC have a DD big enough?
    I didn’t think Vigor was a ship building yard anymore?

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