First Interview As Commandant

Admiral Shultz had a short (5m27s) interview, his first TV interview as Commandant last night, June 15. You can see it above. Don’t think it has any surprises.

7 thoughts on “First Interview As Commandant

  1. To me it was just “Window Dressing”, being Shown what FOX News wanted “US” the American People to see. And more “Faux Praise” the President than that of the True Needs of the USCG. Martha, kept looking down as though she was reading the Scripted Talking Points of the Scripted Interview…

    • It was largely unremarkable. Did not see any policy points from the Commandant that indicated any sort of change of direction. There was a little reminder that the Coast Guard also provides “border security.” The interviewer had firm control of the agenda and the Commandant was largely passive. It was probably smart that he did not correct her use of the phrase “ice cutters”

      No surprises, no revelations.

  2. This is not about this posting, but does anyone knows what is going on with the USCGC Kimball.
    I know they had the first shakedown cruise in December of last year. But since then nothing, no new information.

    • Other than being Billeted at the Honolulu Harbor in or around July 2017, and that her Pator Duties are to be “Shortened” sometime in June 2018. No reason is give as to why, but I suspect it’s the same reason that’s been plaguing all the other NSC’s. Communications problems…

    • I don’t think they have been commissioned yet. I checked their Facebook page.
      It talked about their Christening, March 4, 2018, and about some of their people being transferred or supporting other units.
      It was laid down March 4, 2016 so progress on construction was relatively fast. Wiki says cost was $487.1 Million. That was probably the final shipyard contract and did not include Long Lead Time items or Government Furnished Equipment, but still I think the price has come down.

  3. Chuck,

    A bit off topic but what is the reaction stateside to the story that one of the contributing factors to the USS Fitzgerald incident was that the captain and OOW weren’t speaking to each other for personal reasons?

    It is all news to me. And I am still searching for facts on the incident.

    • Actually I had not heard anything about that. Most of the reaction seems to be that they were overworked and so much emphasis was put on other measures of success (engineering and weapons) that basic watch standing and Rules of the Nautical Road were neglected.

      There seems to be a growing recognition that they cannot expect every officer to be an expert in everything, Engineering, Weapons, ASW, Navigation. A lot of talk about how the British do it differently. The Coast Guard of course already does it differently, but not as differently as the British.

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