Night Vision Devices

Binocular Night Vision Device (BNVD) with Clip-on Thermal Imager (COTI)

The Navy League’s online “Seapower Magazine” has a short post about new equipment being used by Marine Recon and EOD reminded me once again that perhaps the Coast Guard could use more night vision and thermal imaging devices.

Do ships’ look-outs have the use of night vision devices? They could help even normal operations, particularly in rain or fog. Might help find a person in the water in low vis situations or detect a Self Propelled semi-submersible.

We probably don’t need the depth perception provided by the binocular devices. Wonder if there are any of the earlier versions might be available from DOD as excess property?

6 thoughts on “Night Vision Devices

  1. I would suspect NOT, because there Too Damn East ti Loose (if not Stolen) and they cost a Small Fortune per unit to replace. And even a Naval Ship at Sea operates on a Budget. We had Generation I’s in the ’70’s, and [IF] lost was like Drowning in Paperwork to account for loosing them in the First Place. More often than not, their NEVER reported as being Lost, and let the other guy worry about it…

      • I remember one of the “Problems” of wearing NVG’s to long was the lack of “Depth Perception” while wearing them and the Down Time of NOT Wearing Them. They also can give you a “Headache”, because of the Blooming Effect when accidentally seeing Bright Objects…

  2. There are gimballed and plain sensor installations with IIR, E/O and LRF functions that include teh ability to detect a man overboard at multiple nm. Personnel on the bridge can have a panoramic vision in visible and thermal (far IR) spectrum without anyone using one of those short mean time between failure short-range portable binos. See MIRADOR, for example.

    Portable equipment would at most matter in port, but I doubt that the on-deck watch would ever need it.

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