Philippine Navy Launches Missile from 56 foot Boat

The Philippine Navy has recently demonstrated a new capability, launching the small Israeli made Spike ER missile from a 17 meter (56 foot) Multipurpose Assault Craft (MPAC).

The Spike ER has a maximum range of eight kilometers and weighs 34 kg (74 lb 15 oz). It is similar to the slightly larger American made Hellfire.

The launcher is an adaptation of the Israeli Typhoon Remote Weapon Station that is also the basis of the Coast Guard’s Mk38 mod2/3 25 mm gun mounts.

The MPAC is a 17 ton 45 knot aluminum assault/attack craft designed to land up to 16 troops on a beach.

3 thoughts on “Philippine Navy Launches Missile from 56 foot Boat

  1. The Philippine Navy has just selected a variant of the Austal Cape class Patrol Vessels as it’s future OPV. The design will be approx. 80m vs the Cape’s 58m, and feature a helicopter landing deck. FYI, the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard has also just ordered 2 Austal Cape-class OPVs, which will join the 6 smaller Patrol Craft that Austal built for them some years ago. More importantly, Austal has agreed to set up a maintenance facility there to handle the new Capes and the smaller craft, and anything else that breaks in T&T land, as we know that it does.

    • The Philippine vessels will be built at Austal’s Philippine yard. Makes sense. The T&T CG variants I think will be built in Australia, to qualify for financing.

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