“Investigation blames Air Force and Navy for systemic failures in fatal Marine Corps C-130 crash that killed 16” –Military Times

MilitaryTimes reports, 

“The horrific KC-130T plane crash that killed 15 Marines and a sailor last summer was caused by a deteriorating propeller blade that was corroded when it entered an Air Force maintenance depot in 2011, but workers there failed to fix it and sent it back to the fleet unrepaired.”

Reportedly this was not an isolated problem.

The investigation’s report and nearly 2,000 pages of supplementary records portray an endemic level of neglect by the Air Force, which maintains C-130 propeller blades for the Navy.

and I would presume possibly also for the Coast Guard which is still flying the C-130H.

The exact maintenance failures that took place at Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex back in 2011, and who was responsible, will likely never be known.

Before the crash, it was Air Force policy to throw out such maintenance records after two years, according to the report.

The US Naval Institute News Service has the video above and the full text of the investigation (which I must admit, I did not read). This video has a bit more detail than the one accompanying the MilitaryTimes post.

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