Paying More Attention to the Western Pacific

Fijian navy Sub-Lt. Opeti Enesi looks out from an Air Station Barbers Point HC-130 Hercules over the Fijian Islands, Dec. 8, 2018. The Hercules aircrew was providing support for a Fijian navy patrol boat during law enforcement operations. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew West/Released)

Was pleasantly surprised to see that the Coast Guard seems to be paying more attention to the Western Pacific, where the US has a huge part of its Exclusive Economic Zone. (More than the entire Atlantic and Gulf coasts.) Additionally it is an area where Illegal Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing threatens to destabilize local economies, and where our frenemy China is attempting a neo-colonialism that could turn smaller Pacific nations into vassal states.

The cutter Munro visited Fiji and the Solomon Islands on its first operational patrol. A shiprider agreement was concluded on Nov. 12 during the visit to Suva, Fiji, and a Fijian naval officer flew aboard a Barber’s Point C-130 coordinating operations with a Fijian patrol boat.

This is after the USCGC Oliver F. Berry (WPC-1124) completed a mission to conduct operations in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, 2,200 miles from her homeport over the last summer.

11 thoughts on “Paying More Attention to the Western Pacific

    • The latest C-130-J models have started replacing some of the Coast Guard’s older “H” models, but I’m pretty sure the aircraft flying out of Barber’s Point, HI, are still the older model. As best I can tell “J” models are only currently operational at Elizabeth City, NC, and Kodiak, AK.

      • Thanks. So this one has enlisted Nav who performs a job USN and USAF both reserved to an officers (NFO/CSO). Does USCG have special badge for its aerial navigators? Look, this enlisted guy or gal has to know at least 60 main stars for celestial navigation, a good taste of the past…

      • I just wanted to say this Fijian Navy Lt who’s navigation offcer according to article (evidently one of the top navigators of 300-strong Navy) found an enlisted counterpart in that Herc and this USCG petty officer is probably better trained as navigator than average USN NFO. Another proof: one shouldn’t have a degree to become a professional navigator

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