“Naval Group: Four OPVs for Argentina” –Marine Link

Photo: Offshore Patrol Vessel L’Adroit built by Naval Group as a private venture 

MarineLink is reporting the French Shipbuilder Naval Group will provide four Offshore Patrol Vessels to Argentina including the L’Adroit completed in 2012 and three similar new construction vessels

L’Adroit had been constructed as a private venture demonstrator which was operated by the French Navy for several years.

Specs for L’Adroit, using various sources, are:

  • Length: 87 meters (285 feet)
  • Beam: 14 meters (46 feet)
  • Range: 7,000-8,000 nmi at 12 knots
  • Speed: 20-21 knots
  • SHP: 8,100
  • Boats: two RHIBs up to 9 meter launched from two ramps in the stern
  • Helicopter: up to 10 tons plus hangar. Has operated small vertical take off UAS.

“The three new OPVs will also be adapted to navigation in the cold waters of the southern seas thanks to structural reinforcement. All four ships will be equipped with a remotely-operated 30 mm cannon.”

Schiebel S-100

A Schiebel S-100 conducts trials aboard the L’Adroit. A four-person detachment for the S-100 can be embarked on L’Adroit when the UAV is aboard. Schiebel photo

Presumably these will replace the 80 meter Fassmer designed OPVs Argentina had planned but never built.

L’Adroit was one of the vessels I pointed to as a possible basis for Cutter X.

Photo: L’Adroit’s hangar doors looking forward from the flight deck

21 thoughts on ““Naval Group: Four OPVs for Argentina” –Marine Link

  1. Will be interesting to see the modifications to the ice-hardened version. Lots of open deck on the prototype. Don’t really get the dual slipways for the RIBS. In fact, they could be covered by the helo deck, but aren’t.

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