Progress on the Future USCGC Argus

Some photos of progress on the future USCGC Argus. They are building sections inverted. The 54 foot beam (same as the National Security Cutter), seen best in the last photo, is pretty impressive compared to the WMECs they will be replacing (38 feet for the 270s and 34 for the 210s)..

5 thoughts on “Progress on the Future USCGC Argus

    • As you surprised not constructed indoors, which seems the modern ship building way and the blocks fitted out as far as possible as built so much easier access to save build hours. European yards said can build their blocks accurate to 1mm to make final assembly trouble free, Chinese revealed plans in 2017 to build their new Type 055 cruiser in blocks accurate to 3 mm which understand what Brits achieved with their two QNLZ carriers, individual blocks were built at various shipyards around country.

      Fincantieri investing in syncrolift at their Winconsin shipyard, Marinette Marine

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