Below is an ALCOAST discussing Coast Guard participation in the “Sea-Air-Space (SAS) Global Maritime Exposition” March 6-8. This is an activity under the auspices of the Navy League. More event information can be found here. This is a big event and we can expect to see news of some new developments presented at the show. The exhibitor list runs to ten pages.

united states coast guard

R 051034 MAR 19

UNCLAS //N05700//
ALCOAST 071/19
A: Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8 (series)
1. The annual Sea-Air-Space (SAS) Global Maritime Exposition will be held 6-8 May 2019 at the Gaylord National Resort and Conference Center, located in National Harbor, MD. SAS was founded in 1965 as a means to bring the U.S. defense industrial base, private-sector U.S. companies and key military decision makers together for an annual innovative, educational, professional, and maritime-based event located in the heart of Washington, D.C. Sea-Air-Space is now the largest maritime exposition in the U.S. and continues as an invaluable extension of the Navy League’s mission of maritime policy, education, and sea service support.
2. In accordance with REF (A) subject to command approval, attendance is allowed for local participants at no cost to the government. Supervisors should ensure attendance aligns with an employee’s primary duties. Employees who wish to attend for personal interests may use annual leave, accrued compensatory time off or earned credit hours (if available), or leave without pay. Commands outside the National Capital Region may submit no-cost permissive orders for military members who attend.
3. A shuttle will run from Coast Guard Headquarters to the SAS and back on a regular basis throughout the three-day exposition. The shuttle schedule is available at the SAS website: www.seaairspace.org.
4. Registration information is available on the SAS website. There is no charge to attend the SAS for U.S. Coast Guard military members and civilian employees.
5. Uniform is Tropical Blue for attendees. Uniform is Service Dress Bravo for panelists,
moderators, and other presenters.
6. In conjunction with Sea-Air-Space 2019, the annual STEM Expo will be held at the Gaylord on Sunday, May 5. Anyone attending SAS is also welcome to the STEM Expo with the same caveats listed above for the main convention.
7. The COMDT (CG-0923) POC is CAPT Sean Carroll, 202-372-4562, Sean.M.Carroll@uscg.mil.
8. RDML Melissa Bert, Director, Governmental and Public Affairs, sends.
9. Internet release is authorized.

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