UK Help Drug Interdiction

Just wanted to highlight the fact that Drug Interdiction is an international effort with assistance from Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, the Netherlands, France, (probably some I have missed), and in this case the UK using a large ship with a crew smaller than that of 210 and an embarked Coast Guard Helo and boarding team.

9 thoughts on “UK Help Drug Interdiction

  1. I wonder why the USCG doesn’t have an LSD or LPD that they can use as a Command and control ship, HA/DAR, a mother ship for cutters and for National crisis.

    • The USN LSDs and LPDs have much bigger crews, but the crew for this one is remarkably small–and civilians. Crew of the San Antonio Class ships are six times larger (363), and the ships are much more expensive.

      • Makes me wonder why the USCG can’t crew a small LSD or LPD like the Singapore Navy;s Endurance-class landing platform dock.

    • The older amphib are typically worn out and as Chuck says expensive to operate and maintain. I would make much more sense to buy a new build based on a proven design as the Bay class is from Damen

      • The reason why for a small LSD is because it can be used to resupply cutters at sea. HA/DAR operations and even a forward command and control ship, like a mobile Sector at sea. Ships like the Singapore Navy’s Endurance-class landing platform dock would be a good option for a small LSD or Damen’s Crossover design

  2. why would we want to inherent an old navy ship that needs a large crew, probably needs extensive maintenance? if we want a mothership type vessel for say the caribbean or eastern pacific there are newer, smaller cheaper alternatives out there.

  3. For the Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster response I think the Coast Guard should support MARAD’s procurement of new “National Security Multi-Mission Vessels” and work with the Navy to make their response more helpful.

    Requirements for support of cutters in the Eastern Pacific transit zones or for deployed cutters in Bahrain or perhaps Singapore some time in the future are different and don’t require a well deck.

  4. Didn’t we at one time in the USCG’s history that we had our own supply and support ship such as the USCGC KUKUI (WAK 186) and the USCGC Courier (WAGR-410). They were used in the past to supply and support the LORAN Stations. if History tells, us if the USCG did in the past operated its own supply and support ships, then it shouldn’t be a no brainer today as well.

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