Webber Class for the Navy?

The US Naval Institute News Service has a short post that discusses LCS funding, but there is also something there about the possibility of the Navy buying Webber class Fast Response Cutters as well.

“Meanwhile, the HASC approved a requirement for the Navy to study the prospect of buying a version of the Coast Guard’s Fast Response Cutter, submitted by Rep. Donald Norcross (D-N.J.). chair of the tactical air and land forces subcommittee.

“The idea is for the Navy to consider basing these smaller patrol vessels in Bahrain where they would operate in the littoral waters of the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Coast Guard is already planning to base four fast response cutters in Bahrain, to replace the aging Island-class patrol boats the service currently has patrolling the Persian Gulf.”

10 thoughts on “Webber Class for the Navy?

  1. This idea is good and could lead to a dual-service ship? But that depends on the US Navy getting its rqmts right. Meaning not trying to make a patrol boat hull into a warship platform.

  2. “The idea is for the Navy to consider basing these smaller patrol vessels in Bahrain where they would operate in the littoral waters of the Persian Gulf.” Deja vu all over again. This is the reason the Coast Guard was allowed to play in Vietnam.

    Should not military vessels be dual purpose anyway?

  3. Buy 20 hulls over 5 years. Send 10 of them to the 5th fleet and 10 of them to the 6th fleet. Use those to patrol and show the flag in those narrow seas, backed up by land airpower, and call it a day. The days of keeping an entire carrier task force lounging around outside the Gulf 24/7 is coming to a close. We just can’t afford to waste a capital asset doing the job that patrol hulls should be doing.

  4. I agree leesea. The idea is an excellent one.

    I also agree trying to turn the Webber into a warship would be overreach. Still, I suspect a modest upgunning of the vessel would be part of requirement.

    As recent events have shown, the possibility of conflict in the region is very real.

    • Well In actuality, there have been some deployments already.
      Deployment to some AOR depend on a demand call from a COCOM. Maybe those commanders don’t want the LCS?
      The Navy changed the program so radicaly about 18 months ago and upset the LCS crewing, training and configuration. The ships have not gotten back in battery as yet. I think you will see LCS departing homeports in the next 6 months.
      BTW steel and AL don’t rot~ LOL

  5. Right concept, but I feel it safe here to look ahead and possibly think in terms of a manned version of the MUSV. I think a newer design could increase range, endurance, and fuel savings to make it pan out over the life of the program. We need to get more serious about muscling up the engineering side of the house.

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