19 meter (62 foot) Motor Surf Boat, Maybe a Small Port WPB Alternative

Earlier, when I discussed  developing a WPB replacement, I was primarily concerned that in addition to a SAR response, that the Coast Guard in major ports have a response to unconventional maritime attacks by terrorists or other hostile forces. But there are also a number of WPBs in small ports where such attacks would have far less impact and consequently are far less likely. The US shipbuilder Metal Shark has new 87 foot patrol boats in series production for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) that were evolved from the Marine Protector class. They might fulfill the needs of these smaller ports. They appear to be relatively cheap. Looks like the last group had a cost per boat of about $4.3M each. That is way less than the approx. $60M we are paying for the more capable FRCs. Still there might be a better alternative,

A recent Marine Log report that the EU is buying nine large motor lifeboats to help the Turkish Coast Guard deal with their immigrant crisis, got me to thinking that perhaps, at these small ports, what is really needed is a larger motor lifeboat. Specs for the Damen designed Turkish Coast Guard boats are here. They are apparently a version of the Netherlands own motor lifeboat.

Damen SAR 1906 motor surf boats

There has been a lot of work on development of Motor Surf Boats since the 47 footers and the now over 50 year old 52 footers. Canada and the Netherlands have both made such craft over 60 feet in length. The RAFNAR hull form looks particularly promising. They may not be more survivable than the ones we have now, but they may be better in other ways. Where we don’t need the long term endurance of a WPB, we could have a boat of about Marine Protector class size or perhaps some what smaller, that could operate with a smaller crew, be faster, tow equally large or larger vessels, reduce G-forces on the crew, and still be able to operate in weather where the legacy WPBs could not. There might also be Foreign Military Sales potential for such a vessel. 

4 thoughts on “19 meter (62 foot) Motor Surf Boat, Maybe a Small Port WPB Alternative

  1. What we really need is a Fleet Study and AoA, but splitting the 73 large WPB recapitalization into a mix of Response Boat-Large and Patrol Boat has merit. Although not sure I would combine the RB-L and large Motor Lifeboat as the mission needs are significantly different. But continuing along the alternative hull shape discussion… A WPB option I haven’t seen referenced is the Damen Stan 3007, which recently started service with the Bahamian defense force. It is a larger 30m version of the axe-bow hull shape on the 1906 boats above.



  2. Chuck and I have kicked around a “dual-service” ship procurement. The problems start with the USN not having a small combatant rqmt. And gets more complicated with the number of systems which the USN usually adds to ships along the way. .
    Not saying this cant be done, just that the Navy needs special leaders to get a project of this type going
    ~Unlike the USCG~

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