Maybe the Largest Self Right Motor Surfboat in the World

Intermarine Launches New SAR Patrol Boat for Italian Coast Guard

Naval News Reports that, “Italian shipbuilder Intermarine launched the longest self-righting and unsinkable boat ever built in Italy.” At 33.6 meters (110′), length overall, this may be the largest self-righting rescue craft in the world.

Our own 52′ Motor lifeboats are becoming unsupportable, as made clear by the recent withdrawal of Victory, now 64 years old, from service. Our 87′ patrol boat are approaching the end of their service life. It may be time to look at what others have done and procure a larger, more powerful, and  extremely seaworthy self righting boat capable of replacing both the 87 footer and the 52 foot MLB, at least in ports where a maritime terrorist threat is extremely unlikely. 

Specifications here: Scheda nave nuova classe cp 420 Natale De Grazia ( (Thanks to W B Young)

A Google Translation: 

Ship board new class cp 420 Natale De Grazia
1. New Naval Unit class CP 420 Technical Sheet CP 420 – Christmas Ship DE GRAZIA…………………………………. (delivery expected December 2020) CP 421 – Ship Roberto ARINGHIERI………………… (delivery expected December 2021) Classification RINA C (✠) Rescue and Maritime Police Self-thinning and Unsinkable – Navigation Unrestricted Length 33.60 m. Width 8.15 m. Draw 1.34 m. Full load displacement ~ 150 tons Max speed 31 knots > 1000 nm. (28 knots) Construction material Aluminum Alloy Propulsion Hydrojet n.2 KONGHSBERG 2 x MTU : 16V2000M96 (2 X 1790 KW / 2 X 2490HP) Electrical generation 2 DDGG Deutz/Koelmo (2 x 85 KW)
2. Boarding capacity 200 people including 50 hospitalized and sitting in the room shipwrecked with adjacent decontamination area and infirmary Crew 10 (logistics accommodations: (2 x 2pl) + (2 x 4pl) T.V. Command (CP) Operating and communication systems no. 2 GPS – no. 2 RADAR (X and S band) – ECDIS – VSAT – VHF/FM – n.2 HF 500/150W RodeSwarts – Warship AIS NAVNET system – Optronic system – Ecosounder Other operating capacities Sea holding 6 – wind F9 Service boat on fly bridge Dedicated area for operations such as Vertrep/Medevac 0.5 ton feeding table crane for shipwreck recovery 75 mc/h high pressure fire monitor Fendering perimeter system: profile “D” (80×40) expanded polyethylene core (closed cell density 33 Kg/mc) coated the polyurea with differentiated thickness with high resistance (to fire 175°C) orange color RAL2004 Capacity : Water Crates 3.6 mc (in addition to the dissalators) Diesel Crates : 55 mc Construction site INTERMARINE spa La Spezia – Shipyard of Messina

31 knots would be remarkably fast for a vessel of this size with the power indicated, faster than either the 87 footers or the 110s with less power than either. 

5 thoughts on “Maybe the Largest Self Right Motor Surfboat in the World

  1. Water jet propulsion would be a poor fit for towing heavy fishing vessels in turbulent conditions. There are many excellent towing vessel designs that could do the job for around $15 million for a new build.

    • There are a number of excellent larger motor surfboats in use in Europe. Time to take a good look around to find the current state of the art. Saying nothing is better than the 52 footer is like saying no cars are better than a ’56 Chevy. However good it was at the time, we can do better.

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