USCGC Kiska Visits YAP with Navy MkVI Patrol Boats

COLONIA, Yap (July 4, 2019) The U.S. Coast Guard Island-class patrol boat USCGC Kiska and Mark VI patrol boats assigned to Coastal Riverine Squadron (CRS) 2, Coastal Riverine Group 1, Detachment Guam, moored in the Micronesia port of Yap. CRG 1, Det. Guam’s visit to Yap, and engagement with the People of Federated States of Micronesia underscores the U.S. Navy’s commitment to partners in the region. The Mark VI patrol boat is an integral part of the expeditionary forces support to 7th Fleet, capability of supporting myriad of missions throughout the Indo-Pacific. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Jasen Moreno-Garcia/Released)

Wanted to pass along this photo (along with the Navy’s caption above). The Navy has a news release about the deployment..

Our 110s in Guam are going things that are a bit unusual for the Coast Guard. There are currently two of the Island class stationed in Guam. These are to be replaced by three Webber class WPCs. That should increase the Coast Guard presence in the Western Pacific.

Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention.

3 thoughts on “USCGC Kiska Visits YAP with Navy MkVI Patrol Boats

  1. Chuck,
    I think the USCG should station an OPC in Guam or Forward deploy an NSC to Guam as well. It would increase our presence in the region. The webbers would be great for Guam and I think having an OPC and NSC in the Guam Region would increase our presence as well.

  2. US presence in Guam and the Western Pacific will significantly change in the near term as the Navy construction to support 4000 Marines along with a MV-22 and F-35B squadron is nearing completion.

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