“US Builds Global Coalition to Protect Gulf Shipping” –Global Security

USCG Monomoy (WPB-1326) and Adak (WPB-1333), elements of PATFORSWA

Global Security reports that the US is attempting to build a coalition to escort merchant ships through the Straits of Hormuz.

We would almost have to assume that the WPBs of PATFORSWA would be involved.

It would not be surprising to see the Coast Guard contribute up to six already commissioned Webber class WPCs in the near future. These could ultimately replace the current 110s stationed in Bahrain rather than waiting for FRCs specifically procured to replace the PATFORSWA WPBs, but for the duration of escort mission, they would augment them.

I would like to see some modifications done to these vessels before they go, but it is a question of urgency.

The Webber class could make the trip on their own bottoms if needed, especially if escorted by an National Security Cutter.



11 thoughts on ““US Builds Global Coalition to Protect Gulf Shipping” –Global Security

  1. “United States’ Gulf Maritime Proposal Won’t Be Military Coalition Against Iran, Pentagon official”
    “The United States would not escort other countries’ ships, she said, and it would be up to participating nations to decide whether an escort was required. The United States is not asking countries to provide escorts, she said.
    ““We want to provide a framework of information sharing, so that if countries want to escort their vessels, we can help them do it,” she said.
    “Asked about what kinds of contributions she expected from allies, Wheelbarger suggested that small, quick ships would be helpful.
    ““There is a lot of benefit to countries who want to contribute their lower capability patrol vessels or corvette-type ships … They’re just fast and mobile and agile and can get around that little territory,” she said.”

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