“”Narcosubmarine” a First for Europe -Spanish Officials” –Marine Link

Marine Link reports.

“The discovery of a submarine carrying 3,000 kg (3.3 tons) of cocaine off the coast of Spain marks a “historic” turning point in the battle against drug trafficking, Spanish authorities said on Wednesday.”

That looks like an awful long way for a Self Propelled Semi-Submersible (SPSS), about 4,000 nautical miles. Have to wonder if the goods were not shipped first to Africa and perhaps the SPSS was built there? Alternately could the SPSS have been transported part of the way by a larger vessel?


8 thoughts on ““”Narcosubmarine” a First for Europe -Spanish Officials” –Marine Link

  1. I ask a couple of friends about this and the thought a single hop would be possible based on what they have seen recreational vessels do. The authorities have the ship in custody and they have the number of days underway, displacement and fuel capacity – so given that it would seem to me a good marine architect or engineer should be able to get an approximate range of travel – since they have been building these ships for several years the designers should have fuel usage numbers –

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