“Iran Launched Missiles at Iraqi Bases with US Forces, Pentagon Says” –DefenseOne

DefenseOne.Com is reporting that,

More than a dozen ballistic missiles were fired at the Al-Assad air base in Anbar province and a base in Irbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan, a DOD statement said.

3 thoughts on ““Iran Launched Missiles at Iraqi Bases with US Forces, Pentagon Says” –DefenseOne

  1. Not much to say here as the US DoD had decades to prepare against Tactical Ballistic Missiles.

    * THAAD-Extended Range (ER) wasn’t built and bought. https://images.app.goo.gl/wYtY6Jw1JMx3SyCDA

    * 747 Airborne Laser was cancelled and chopped up instead of mothballed and gutted for new laser electronics instead of the highly toxic slew of chemicals. I think a few 747 ABLs would have helped immensely now…just suited for these situations.

    * MEADS wasn’t bought so one has to bring in heavy Patriot trailers (with no 360-degree radar coverage). Patriot is a trailer, not a SAM truck.

    * Foreign SAMs weren’t bought like MDBA “Aster” or IDF “Arrow” or UK CAMM. Some of those are highly mobile truck-mounted SAMs, not trailers.

    * The US Marine Corps has no long-range SAM defense.

    Not everything can be shot down by CAP fighters or SHORAD Stingers.

    So the USA had time to prepare and decided to stick with the Patriot PAC-3 when THAAD-ER needed to be developed. No decisions, wrong decisions, or whatever can cost Blue Force lives.

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