“U.S. Coast Guard Could Face A Narco Submarine Epidemic In 2020” –Forbes

LPV (Low Profile vessel) incercepted by Stratton (WMSL-752) in Eastern Pacific, Aug. 27, 2018. It had three outboard motors. Ref dvidshub.net

Forbes has a short post suggesting we may see a spike or at least a continuation of the high level of self propelled semi-submersible activity in 2020. The article is by H I Sutton, who’s blog, Covert Shores, is on my recommended blog list.

Sutton has come to suspect that use of these vessels has become a status symbol among drug smugglers. There is also a suggestion that we might expect more of them bound for Europe.

I would note that movement from Brazil to Africa, crossing where the Atlantic is at its narrowest, might make sense as well.

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