“Turkish Coastguard Orders 122 Patrol Boats” –Marine Link

ARES 35, Turkish CG patrol boat. Photo: ARES shipyard

MarineLink reports,

“ARES Shipyard in Antalya, Turkey has been awarded a contract to build 122 patrol boats for the Turkish Coastguard.”

These will be 12-meter Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic [FRP] and carbon composite.

Deliveries are expected over a five year period at a rate of 36 boats per year.

440 kW (590 HP) is routed though water jets provided by HamiltonJet.

“Access to HamiltonJet is unrestricted with the global headquarters and factory in New Zealand complemented by Regional Offices in the USA, UK and Singapore, and our distribution network in over 55 countries worldwide.”

The Turks have a history of making some very fast patrol boats.

1 thought on ““Turkish Coastguard Orders 122 Patrol Boats” –Marine Link

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Turks ask for the jets to be produced in Turkey, which could give them the ability to domestically produce their own at some point. After all, they want to cut the strings from foreign suppliers.

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