“Coast Guard fields new Glock pistols” –UPI, Departure from DOD Standard

The U.S. Coast Guard began fielding the new Glock 19 Gen5 MOS pistol this week, according to the company. Photo courtesy of Glock Inc.

UPI is reporting that the Coast Guard is introducing a new pistol,

The Glock Gen5 MOS pistol will replace the .40mm Sig Sauer P229 DAK which the Coast Guard has used since 2006. The Army, Navy and Marines chose to replace the aging handgun with Sig Sauer’s M18 Modular Handgun System, and have begun rolling out the new weapons to

units around the world.

Cannot help but wonder if departing from the DOD standard is a good idea.


7 thoughts on ““Coast Guard fields new Glock pistols” –UPI, Departure from DOD Standard

  1. “Skunk Piss.” Jim Daugherty the legendary pistol shoot of the Detroit Police Department once said if people were told that putting skunk piss on the front sight would make them a better shoot, no skunk would ever be safe.

    This is what the pistol change is about. I doubt it will shoot any better than previous models. I will say have never been a fan of the Beretta M9. The Coast Guard could go back to the M911A1 and have the same thing. The new pistol is just cool at the moment.

    The problem is not in the pistol but the instruction. When a Vice Commandant sticks his nose into course development then there is little hope for it. The Coast Guard lost its cadre of subject matter experts long ago and replaced them with video game players.

    • Exactly.

      99.9999999% of all service pistols are ‘worn out’ on the range and not in duty.

      It is a secondary defensive weapon. And all the top brands would have been a good choice. It just seems in this case Glock offered the best deal to USCG / DoHS.

  2. Departing from DOD is not a problem, *in this case.*

    Glocks are going to be cheaper than Sigs (barely, but still).
    Glocks are extremely reliable (more so than any other design).
    Glocks are very accurate (on par or better than most other poly-frames).
    Glocks are very corrosion-resistant (probably a key aspect of a salt-water service pistol).
    Glock has a fantastic warranty/service department.

    Out of the high-end, factory combat pistols (HK, Sig, Glock, Walther), I prefer Walther, but for a service pistol for an agency, Sig and Glock are really, really hard to beat. Either is an ideal choice.

    • In addition, it is a good example that the CG isn’t locked into approaching the USN, hat in hand, asking for what it wants and accepting what it gets…

  3. This generation of Glock was developed with input from the FBI and is now one of their standard handguns. The Glock 19 has seen a fair amount of US with US Special Operations Forces.

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