“Euronaval: First Details Of The Patrouilleurs Océanique (PO) Platform Unveiled” –Naval News

From Naval News

Naval News provides additional information on the “Patrouilleurs Océanique” (PO) program to build ten offshore patrol vessels for one billion Euros. We discussed this program earlier and it looks very much like a Coast Guard cutter, maybe even a candidate for Cutter X.

The things that might be seen as unique or unexpected:

  • hull mounted sonar
  • 40 mm 
  • Modular capacity in the form of space for a standard container sized system–this might include a towed array
  • Retention room–presumably a holding cell that might be used for alien migrant interdiction

Deliveries are expected 2025-2029.

7 thoughts on ““Euronaval: First Details Of The Patrouilleurs Océanique (PO) Platform Unveiled” –Naval News

  1. So the french version will be more like a mobile sensor ship, no much in armament, well they want an OPV, others a corvette and Greece a small frigate

  2. The French are really leaning in on their 40mm CTA.
    Probably phasing out use of the old 20mm Narwhal…. sensible as it’s a dead caliber anyway,

    It’s a lot of spec to fit into 90 metres and €100m target price.
    If they do it the RN’s £125m a piece River class will look all the worse.

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