“OPV 87 A.R.A. Piedrabuena Handed Over To Argentine Navy” –Naval News

Naval News reports the delivery of, ARA Piedrabuena (P-52), the first of three new Offshore Patrol Vessels to the Argentine Navy.

“This delivery is part of the contract signed by Naval Group with Argentina in 2018 for the delivery of four multi-mission patrol vessels. A.R.A. Bouchard (former L’Adroit) was delivered last December, two months ahead of schedule.”

The video above discusses the progress of the program. These new ships are somewhat different from the former French ship L’Adroit, before its transfer to Argentina, in that they are ice-strengthened and somewhat better armed with a 30mm auto-cannon. A.R.A. Bouchard the former L’Adroit now carries the same weapon.

You might recall, that L’Adroit was used as an example of what we might achieve with a notional “Cutter X,” in that it is not much more complex than the Webber class Fast Response Cutters, but offers better seakeeping, longer range, two RHIBs, and a helicopter flight deck and hangar.

6 thoughts on ““OPV 87 A.R.A. Piedrabuena Handed Over To Argentine Navy” –Naval News

  1. I also think the speed claim is conservative, as most seem to be now. These ships are similar in size to World War II destroyer escorts. The more powerful destroyer escorts had 12,000 HP and were rated at 23 knots. These Offshore have 15,000 HP but are rated at only 21 knots. They are a little lighter and a little smaller than the more powerful destroyer escorts. Sometimes extra length can help with this speed, but for these lengths and speeds, it shouldn’t make any significant difference.

    As I have noted before, I think the OPCs should be good for 24 knots under most conditions, but they only claim 22+.

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