Japan’s New Offshore Patrol Vessel

Screenshot from ATLA Youtube channel ‘TAKUMI, Craftsmen for Defense Equipment’ video.

Japan has started marketing some of its military equipment for export. A recent video featured on Naval News includes information on their planned Offshore Patrol Vessel. The portion of the video about OPV is from time 4:00 to 4:30.

The design emphasizes automation, adaptability, modularity, and sustainability. The crew is only 30 and there is space under the flight deck for containers.

We had an earlier report on this, with a proposal by one of the shipbuilders (link in caption of the illustration below). The illustration above appears more developed. It is similar but not the same. Specifications from the earlier report included a length of 100 meters (328 feet), a 2000 ton displacement and a speed of 25+ knots. As I noted earlier, this design with it 360 degree vision bridge, integrated mast, and two boats launched from stern ramps looks very much like a larger, faster and better armed version of the the French L’Adroit, and her sisters that are being built for the Argentine Navy.

MAST Asia: Mitsui Unveils OPV Design Proposal for JMSDF OPV Requirement – Naval News

1 thought on “Japan’s New Offshore Patrol Vessel

  1. you know the Japanese like evolutionary development. This latest has some good features like the bow. OTOH Mitsui often copies other designs, proposes them and doesn’t get any orders~

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