“The Fallacy of Presence” –USNI

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The US Naval Institute has selected an article by BMC Phillip Null, USCG as third place winner in their General Prize Essay Contest, “The Fallacy of Presence.”

(Always a good idea to consider the Chief’s opinion.)

The essay is currently a “featured article,” so I think it will be accessible to non-members, at least for a short time. The Chief explains the futility of simply being there, but having no authority to do anything about it.

The article particularly looks at the situation in the Gulf of Maine where a dispute between the US and Canada has resulted in the US Coast Guard essentially taking little or no action against Canadian or other foreign fishing vessels violating waters the US claims as part of its EEZ.

To me an immediate course of action seems obvious.

Take the Gulf of Maine dispute to the International Tribunal. Not only will this result in a resolution of the dispute, it will illustrate for the world that use of the International Tribunal is a proper course for intractable conflict resolution and that its decision should be respected.

Until the tribunal reaches a decision, the US and Canada should agree to continue to allow each others vessels to operate in the area

Meanwhile the US and Canada should agree to firmly enforce their laws against non-US and non-Canadian vessels operating in the area.

Enforcement outside EEZs: Ultimately the UN is going to have to manage fishing on the high seas, limiting it to sustainable levels, otherwise it seems illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing is going to destroy an essential resource and result in massive food insecurity. How that is going to happen is clearly a long term diplomatic challenge.

3 thoughts on ““The Fallacy of Presence” –USNI

  1. Seems France and the UK are also in a fishing dispute. We need to stand together. Our own infringements and grievances pale in comparison to those who don’t respect the rules we and our allies developed.

    • Canada and France have a dispute as well, but they treat it as almost as a joke.

      Russia and Norway managed to resolve a territorial dispute back in 2010.

  2. I think Chiefy has a point. I will digest it over the day.

    The dispute in Jersey is over EU rules and French fisherman, France being the EU’s second state, not wishing to abide by them. It is a shame for Jersey as it isn’t an EU member and has never had been. The Royal Navy was sent as the UK is responsible for Jersey’s security. Jersey isn’t a part of the UK. All good fun. The French want there gateau and it eat too…….

    The UK is sending an OPV to Singapore for presence too. A futile gesture that just advertises how weak we are now.

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