“Five Reasons Why the Nation Should Keep Building the National Security Cutter” –Real Clear Defense

The crews of the Coast Guard Cutters Midgett (WMSL 757) and Kimball (WMSL 756) transit past Koko Head on Oahu, Hawaii, Aug. 16, 2019. The Kimball and Midgett are both homeported in Honolulu and two of the newest Coast Guard cutters to join the fleet. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew West/Released)

Real Clear Defense offers rationale for the continued construction of Bertholf class National Security Cutters.

Given the delay in starting the Offshore Patrol Cutter program, there is definitely reason to consider building NSC #12.

11 thoughts on ““Five Reasons Why the Nation Should Keep Building the National Security Cutter” –Real Clear Defense

  1. It felt like a sponsored content article to me. Regardless, I’m all for more ships and especially #12 at this point, but it needs to be a bigger plan. I would be for an easy navy version bought as a block buy. The sensor suite is right where it needs to be as is. Put 2 x 4 NSM behind the gun, LCS ASW escort package on the stern, ASIST back on the flight deck, RAM or Searam in place of CIWS. Buy 10 and be happy they exist.

    • It feels like a sponsored content article because it essentially is. The author, Dan Gouré, as Vice President of the Lexington Institute think tank in no less than a paid lobbyist for defense contractors.

      • If the OPC program were in full swing I would say, no reason to build more NSCs, but that is not the case. We need new ships faster than we are building. Consider it a substitute for one of the OPCs and reduce the program to 24 if that makes it easier to swallow.

    • I agree with Andy’s idea. You could probably put some ESSM on those without too much trouble either. But it doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards.

      I do think the USCG winds up with more than 12 of these by the time it’s done though. I would make a friendly wager on 14.

  2. I’m frankly in full agreement that the Coast Guard should have a 12th NSC. They’re solid ships for the purposes they’ve been built for, very few issues with procurement and operation (as far as that I’m aware of), and the CG’s been sailing them all over the globe, from the Taiwan Strait to the Black Sea. Not to mention it just seems right to replace 12 378s with 12 NSCs, and Congress has displayed a willingness to fund a 12th.

      • That is not at all what that article says. It states only that the Coast Guard would rather the funding for a 12th NSC be moved to the PSC program. It never suggests funding a 12th NSC would reduce the PSC build by one ship.
        And, the CRS report only states that
        “Skeptics or opponents of procuring a 12th NSC could argue that:
        n a situation of finite Coast Guard budgets, procuring a 12th NSC might reduce
        funding available for other Coast Guard programs, including the OPC and PSC
        The CRS report actually raises the prospect of procuring multiple additional NSCs in place of OPCs due to possible delays in construction/contracts awarded and rising OPC procurement costs.

    • Too late! The Navy will not allow, nor have the money for a program that duplicates the Constellation class FFG

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