“Thales Creates Acoustic Shot Detector Sensor For Maritime Environment” –Naval News

Thales Acoustic Shot Detector sensor dome mounted on a BAE Systems Pacific 950 Autonomous Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat Photo: Thales.

Naval News reports the availability of a type of sensor I was not even aware of, at least for the maritime environment.

“As far as Thales UK are aware, it is the first acoustic shot detection system that has successfully undertaken a live firing trial on a maritime vessel. Acusonic detects and combines two key sounds associated with incoming hostile fire: the supersonic shockwave of the bullet and the muzzle blast. Unique algorithms in Acusonic’s software then use this data to derive range, bearing and caliber of incoming fire,” said Adrian Rondel of Thales UK.

Certainly in some circumstance, when a vessel takes in coming fire, it may not be clear where the shoots are coming from. Making that determination quickly and accurately could be critical.

Apparently the device can be used even on small craft as seen on an RHIB in the photo above. It is, “…100% protected against solid objects such as dust and sand, and can withstand being submerged for at least 30 minutes in 15 centimeters to 1 meter of water.”

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