Dmitry Shulgin reports the successful test of a new rocket assisted, laser homing round, the “Guided Multipurpose Munition” (GMM), for the Carl Gustaf Recoilless Rifle (M3E1 in US service) and the AT4 single shot, recoilless, smooth bore, disposable, anti-tank weapon (designated M136 in US service).

The M3E1 is the US version of the M4. An updated M3 using titanium makes the weapon system six pounds lighter, 2.5 inches shorter and has an improved carrying handle, extra shoulder padding and an improved sighting system that can be adjusted for better comfort.

We talked about the possibility of Coast Guard use of the Carl Gustaf before. The M3E1 is now a common weapon that will arm every US Marine infantry squad. In the US Army there will be one for every platoon.

It may be that the laser guided round is only a Special Forces requirement, but after development it is almost certain to become more generally available.

This would not be a comprehensive answer to the Coast Guard need to be able to counter a terrorist attack by surface vessel, regardless of size. Even with the new round, it does not have the 4,000 yard range I believe desirable to minimize the probability of effective counter fire from improvised armament. It is unlikely to be effective against larger vessels, but, particularly with the new guided round, it could certainly be effective against small, fast, highly maneuverable threats.

There is always a concern for providing security for a highly portable weapon like this, but security requirements for these weapons and their ammunition should be comparable to that provided for machine guns.

As noted earlier, if things get hot for PATFORSWA, the cutters there could benefit from having a Marine detachment aboard that can employ the Carl Gustaf.

Other than the PATFORSWA, the first Coast Guard units that should receive armament upgrades are the force protection units that escort Fleet Ballistic Missile Subs during surface transit.

9 thoughts on ““MULTIPURPOSE MUNITION” –Dmitry Shulgin

  1. Of course to use the guided round, we would need a laser designator. Having one is a good idea anyway, in that it would allow us to designate a target for cooperating units that might be better armed than the cutter.

  2. nicky, the 210’s especially and 270s more and more are tired and increasingly unsupportable. if offered to me i’d say thanks but no thanks. cheaper to buy a new, supportable platform in the long run.

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