“U.S. Coast Guard ready to partner with nations in battling IUU fishing” –IndoPacific Defense Forum

A picture taken on November 16, 2011 from a South Korean helicopter shows Chinese boats banded together with ropes, chased by a coastguard helicopter and rubber boats pacted with commandoes, after alleged illegal fishing in South Korean waters in the Yellow Sea. Credit: Dong-A-Ilbo

“The United Nations declared June 5 an international day for the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in late 2017. Yet, on the fourth observance of the annual awareness campaign, the global challenges continue to grow.”

The IndoPacific Defense Forum, which is sponsored by the United State Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) is apparently telling the nations of their area of responsibility that the Coast Guard is ready to assist them in combatting IUU fishing. Specifically that we can,

  • Promote targeted, effective, intelligence-driven enforcement operations.
  • Counter predatory and irresponsible state behavior.
  • Expand multilateral fisheries enforcement cooperation.

To paraphrase Roy Scheider from the movie “Jaws,” I think we are going to need more boats.

3 thoughts on ““U.S. Coast Guard ready to partner with nations in battling IUU fishing” –IndoPacific Defense Forum

  1. The US and other nations should ban the importation of any fish from China and other countries that fish illegally.

    • You see how to fight in the gray zone. We need a big push to get clear where things come from labels back in the market.

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