Electronic Warfare for the Offshore Patrol Cutter

Lockheed Martin is now delivering the Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) Lite as SWEIP Block 2 deliveries reach 100. LOCKHEED MARTIN

The Navy League on-line magazine “Seapower” has a new post, “Lockheed Martin Delivers 100th SEWIP 2, Starts Deliveries of SEWIP Lite to Navy” which reports Lockheed’s Surface Electronics Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP) lite will be going on Coast Guard Offshore Patrol Cutters in addition to Navy LCS.

Lockheed has a couple of on-line articles about these systems:

“5 Facts about the Navy’s Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program”

and this SEWIP brochure.

3 thoughts on “Electronic Warfare for the Offshore Patrol Cutter

  1. The Dutch were surprised in the Black Sea by Russia’s EW capabilities.

    It is a branch of warfare that many on naval forums hardly ever gets talk about understandably.

    • SLQ-32 and SEWIP are the great unknoowns in open source from my view. No dimensions, no weights, no power requirements. Just cost.

      • Coast Guard has been operating SLQ-32 since the first 270 was commissioned in 1983, so the service is familiar with it. FRAM’d 378s had it, Bertholf class also has its. So we have had up to 25 sets, only 22 right now.

        Once we get all NSCs and OPCs currently planned, there will be 36 EW systems in Coast Guard use.

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