Photos: Norway’s Coast Guard Jan Mayen-class ice capable OPV

Photos of the nearly complete basic structure of the Norwegian ice capable OPV Jan Mayen, brought to us by frequent contributor, Tups, as a comment on a previous post about these massive almost 10,000 ton patrol vessels.

For convenience here are specifications provided previously:

  • Displacement: 9,800 tons
  • Length: 136.4 meters (447.4 ft) loa
  • Beam: 22 meters (72.16 ft)
  • Draft: 6.2 meter (20.3 ft)
  • Speed: 22 knots.

They are expected to hangar two NH90 helicopters (10,600 kg/23,370 lb max TO weight) with deck space to land an AW101 (14,600 kg/32,188 lb max TO weight). They are expected to have an endurance of eight weeks, accommodations for 100, collective CBRN protection, and space for containers on deck.

It appears the propulsion setup is similar to that of the Polar Security Cutters with three screws including a center shaft and what appear to be Azipods providing the outer propellers. The Norwegian ship does appear to include a rudder immediately behind the center shaft, unlike the PSC.

Late Addition, photo below.

3 thoughts on “Photos: Norway’s Coast Guard Jan Mayen-class ice capable OPV

  1. Having a rudder in addition to azimuthing thrusters is somewhat surprising but understandable for a vessel with efficient open water hull form. It allows the vessel to transit with power on the centerline shaft only (which has a bigger propeller and is thus more efficient) while the thrusters are either windmilling or have just enough power not to cause additional drag.

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