A team from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy participated in the National Security Agency’s 20th annual National Cyber Exercise (NCX), a three-day cyber competition that tests the offensive and defensive cybersecurity skills virtually, April 8-10, 2021. The Coast Guard Academy recently instituted a Cyber Systems degree to meet the needs of the services cyber security strategy of defending cyber space, enabling operations, and protecting infrastructure. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Hunter Medley)

Passing this along.

united states coast guardR 041303Z AUG 21
ALCOAST 280/21
SSIC 16600
A. Cyber Strategic Outlook
1. The Commandant has promulgated the Coast Guard’s Cyber Strategic
Outlook, which updates our Cyber Strategy published in 2015.
Cyber attacks against the United States are one of the most
significant threats to our economic and military power since World
War II. The 2021 Cyber Strategic Outlook charts a path to meet the
challenges of a rapidly evolving cyber domain where threats to
information and operational technology systems outpace those from
the traditional physical domains of air, sea, land and space.
2. The events of the past five years, including the exploitation of
U.S. Coast Guard networks and information, attacks on maritime
critical infrastructure, and adversarial efforts to undermine our
democratic processes have reinforced that cyberspace is a contested
operational domain. In recognition of the Coast Guard’s role as the
nation’s lead federal agency for securing and safeguarding the
Marine Transportation System, this strategic outlook updates the
Service’s vision to ensure readiness to conduct all missions in a
contested cyberspace, secure the maritime transportation sector
through a rules based international order, and to identify and
thwart adversary activity in and through cyberspace through the
following lines of effort:
   a. LOE1: Defend and Protect the Enterprise Mission Platform
   b. LOE2: Protect the Marine Transportation System
   c. LOE3: Operate In and Through Cyberspace
The Coast Guard’s success across all three lines of effort depend
upon partnerships, intelligence, workforce, and innovation.
3. In order to meet all strategic and operational objectives, the
Coast Guard must maintain a robust and comprehensive cyber
capability. As such, I encourage every member of the U.S. Coast
Guard to become familiar with the Cyber Strategic Outlook.
4. The electronic version of the strategy can be viewed at:
(Copy and Paste URL Below into Browser)http://www.uscg.mil/cyber
5. POC: CAPT Alain V. Balmaceda, COMDT (CG-791), 202-372-2479 or
by global e-mail.
6. VADM Scott. A. Buschman, Deputy Commandant for Operations
(DCO), sends.
7. Internet release is authorized.

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