“Congress Rips Into OMB Over Coast Guard Budget And Unfunded Priorities List” –Forbes

US Capital West Side, by Martin Falbisoner

Forbes’ Craig Hooper gives us a look at the Coast Guard’s unfunded priority list for FY2022, with an push to fully fund it, and a suggestion how the Coast Guard and DHS could provide a clearer picture of our funding requirements.

It’s all true, but I would note that, actually having an unfunded priority list, is an improvement. Not many years ago the Coast Guard repeatedly failed to submit an unfunded priority list.

From almost his first day as Commandant, Admiral Schultz has been talking about the infrastructure shortfall. Previously all the emphasis had been on the recapitalization of the Afloat units. The push to replace all H-65s with H-60s is an even more recent initiative.

I suspect, as has happened the last few years, Congress will provide an increase over the Administration request.

Thanks to Paul for bringing this to my attention. 

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