New 30mm Mk38 mod4?

The video above has a segment, beginning about time 4:55 to 5:25, that may be of particular interest to the Coast Guard. It appears that the Navy may finally be moving from the 25mm gun to the 30mm in their next iteration of the Mk38 mount.

We have known all along that the 30mm is more effective for Coast Guard type missions. Apparently the Mk38 mod2 was adaptable enough to accept the 30mm but the Navy did not seem interested. Despite earlier indications the Mk38 mod 3 would be significantly different, including use of the 30mm, when it emerged, it retained the 25mm.

I suspect the combination of the UAS threat and the availability of a programable air burst round may be what has gotten the Navy’s attention.

For our purposes, in addition to the air burst round, the 30mm does have a greater selection of projectile type including “swimmer round” designed specifically to counter Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC).

22 thoughts on “New 30mm Mk38 mod4?

  1. Chuck, I just saw that video on YouTube and was wanting to forward it on to you when I saw your post. The mount seems considerably larger than the Mk 38 Mod 2 (looks like what the UK Navy has on their ships) Plus the manufactory’s website says it has an off mount Electro Optical Director maximizes accuracy whilst providing enhanced 360° situational awareness. The video states that it will be fitted to all futures US Ships starting with DDG’s. I wonder if it will be fitted to the new FFG’s, OPC’s and FRC’s?

    • Another video for you Chuck. Taken at the Big Sandy range, at the Bushmaster User Conference. Shows the MSI DS30M mount with seperate E/O setup in operation. Not often you get to see the mount firing, clear line of sight to the target and impact on target in one shot.

  2. I think that this is a “huge” capability” that we’re not even beginning to understand yet.

    The 30mm MK38 MOD 4, assuming that it will be called that, can really help the LAW, LPDs, LCC Command Ships, sub tenders, LCSs, and MK VI patrol boats because it adds the possibility of a guided missile COAX to the mount. Having some form of airbursting fuse or guided shell nose seeker makes the 30mm even more potent than 25mm.

    The US Navy said that the MK VIs are not needed because they lack any usage in a peer nation fight. Even with Griffin missiles, having 30mm as primary with a guided weapon pod as COAX is sure better than MK38 25mm with no COAX guided missile pods. The same goes for poorly-armed LAWs envisioned to have just 25mm MK38.

    Even an ISO shipping container with MK38 MOD 4 and COAX guided missile pod can be helpful to ESBs, LCSs, LAWs, and other smaller boats.

    Does it have dual-feed capability, hence the two ammo boxes on the side? I only see one chainlink feeding the cannon.

    • Yes it can have dual feed. Or you can have a gunners position on the right hand side as an emergency back up (or you can have a missile or rocket pannier there).

      • I should add there is still a manual back up on the dual feed via controls behind the gun, obviously not as good or comfortable a gunnery position as the chair though.

        One of the reasons for the RN switching to a fully automated gun with the DS30M mk.2 from the earlier DS30B was due to serious concerns around loss of hearing for gunners. It was realised that even with high quality ear defenders that there was no way of keeping the noise levels within safe working levels, potentially opening the RN up to huge legal costs at a later date.

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