“Iranian navy will be equipped with anti-ship missiles ranging 2,000 km in the near future” –Navy Recognition

Original caption “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired long-range ballistic missiles into the Indian Ocean during a military exercise in January 2021.” (Picture source Egypt Independent) This is actually an anti-ship cruise missile. 

Had to post a link to this Navy Recognition post because I wanted to pass along the photo above, that accompanied it.

Lots of old timers will recognize the boat as the same class as the USCG 95 foot Cape class that were replaced by the 110 foot Island class. The US built a number of these for export. Four were given to Iran in the mid 50s. There were similar vessels derived from the design that followed. Iran got some of these as well.

For more information on the Iranian Navy and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy link here.

6 thoughts on ““Iranian navy will be equipped with anti-ship missiles ranging 2,000 km in the near future” –Navy Recognition

  1. I’m wondering if this is an indication that Iran is planning some kind of Blue Water extended range terrorism with Iranian “Q”-Ships…

    • I don’t see your point, they just seem to be putting weapons on anything. Not sure how recent this photo is but that does appear to be an Iranian made cruise missile derived from a Chinese design.

      • Given the fact that they’re trying to branch out their Navy from Green Water operations to now include Blue Water operations, are they also planning (if only covertly) High Seas Merchant Ship Raiding vis-a-vis AIS Ship Tracker with their newly acquired toy…

    • There has been a long symbiotic relationship between Iran and North Korea. Much of Iran’s weapons are already Russian or Chinese design including their anti-ship cruise missiles and their torpedoes.

      • Imagine 8 to 12 new FAC’s with a modern missile. Wouldn’t last long in a real bunfight. But in conflicts short of war or just day to day mischief making…….

        It is there mini-submarines hiding among their fishing dhows that always cause me to think.

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