Coast Guard Commissions USCGC Emlen Tunnell (WPC-1145)

USCGC Emlen Tunnell in Key West, Florida.

Port News reports the commissioning of the 45th Webber class WPC. The commissioning was widely reported, but I found it interesting that a Russian news outlet would take note, including reporting on Tunnell’s football career. Other report here, here, and here.

Later this year, USCGC Emlen Tunnell will join her sister-ship USCGC Glen Harris (WPC 1144) and voyage to Bahrain as the second of three pairs of FRCs to replace the Island class cutter of Patrol Force South West Asia (PATFOSWA). Like the previous transit, the pair are likely to take the opportunity to conduct some training and joint operations along the way. Presumably there will also be a National Security Cutter along to provide support and also show the flag, conduct exercises, and build capacity.

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