At Least for This Blog, 2021 Was a Good Year, Thanks

Thanks to all of you who have come by and made the writing worthwhile. Special thanks to those who have contributed by your comments or by simply pointing me to articles of interest.


In 2021, the blog had 244,089 views and 83,692 individual visits. This year we had 465 posts, totaling 165,836 words (both the most ever). There were 1250 comments (comments seem to have dropped off a bit). That is 2.86% more views than last year (237,298) and 16.9% more individual visits, more than any previous year with the exception of 2019 (255,335 views). Posts averaged only 357 words, (I am trying to be economical of your time.)

2019 was something of an anomaly, driven a couple of unusually popular posts. “Navy, this is Coast Guard, we need to talk,” had 18,245 views in 2019, making it the second most viewed post in the history of the blog. “An Offshore Patrol Vessel with Teeth” had 4,935 views in August alone. They made August, September, and October of 2019 the most viewed months so far. Sept. 30, 2019 alone, there were 7,302 views, the most ever in a single day.

29.7% of our readers were non-US. Aside from the US, 45 countries had 200 or more views. After the US, the five countries with the most views were the UK, Canada, Finland (Tups must have had something to do with this), Philippines, and Australia. All had more than 4200 views.

The top ten posts in 2021 were:

  1. 50mm Chain Gun, More Detail (2019)
  2. What Does It Take to Sink a Ship? (2011)
  3. Perhaps the Most Well Armed Cutter Sized Corvette in the World (2021)
  4. The Hamilton Class 378 foot WHECs, an Appreciation (2021)
  5. Guided Rounds for the 57mm Mk110, ALaMO and MAD-FIRES, an Update (2019)
  6. “Weapons Effectiveness Testing–25 vs 30mm” Revisited (2021)
  7. Philippines’ New 94 Meter Cutter and the Japanese Kunigami Class Cutters (2020)
  8. Norway’s Coast Guard Jan Mayen-class vessel (2021)
  9. Bahrain Bound FRC gets Upgrades, LRAD and Short-Range Air Search (2021)
  10. “Here Is What…Missiles Actually Costs” –The Drive (2020)

Blog History

The blog began in July 2012, after Dan Trimble decided to close down his “CGBlog” where I had contributed for a bit over two years. With Dan’s help, all the content I wrote during that period has been transplanted here along with the associated comments. That is why the archive includes posts dated before July 2012.

To date we have had 3,386 posts, 19,445 comments, and 1,996,169 views.

The top ten posts ever published on his blog, updated through the end of 2021 were:

  1. What Does It Take to Sink a Ship? (2011)
  2. Navy this is Coast Guard, we need to talk (2019)
  3. OPV to OPC (2012) (Since the OPC has been selected, now only of historical interest)
  4. The Navy’s New Patrol Boat (2012)
  5. Three Nations Share German OPV Design (2014)
  6. Case for the Five Inch Gun (2012)
  7. What Might Coast Guard Cutters Do in Wartime, Part 2, Coast Guard Roles (2012)
  8. Alternate Weapons for New Large Cutters? (2012)
  9. 50mm Chain Gun, More Detail (2019)
  10. An Offshore Patrol Vessel with Teeth (2019)

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