Engine Parts for Domestic Icebreakers and Foreign 378s

The Vietnam Coast Guard patrol vessel CSB-8020, formerly the US Coast Guard cutter Morgenthau (Photo: Vietnam Coast Guard)

A routine report of contract award, “Fairbanks Morse to Supply Engine Parts for USCG Icebreaking Tugs,” but there is note that indicates the Coast Guard wants to make sure those now 50 to 55 year old former cutters stay operational.

“The contract also includes provisions for engine parts onboard the USCG’s decommissioned high endurance cutters (WHECs) that have been transferred or are in the process of being transferred to foreign navies.”

1 thought on “Engine Parts for Domestic Icebreakers and Foreign 378s

  1. Finally! We argued for YEARS that only FBM parts should be sourced instead of knockoffs. This would be a moot point if they had replaced the OPs with modern engines when they did the midlife. My preference would have been 2 engines per generator thru a gearbox to allow for maximum flexibility. At least the engineers will be able to get quality repair parts now.

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