“New Zealand, Australian Navies Deploy for Tongan Disaster Relief” –USNI

HMNZS Wellington. New Zealand Defence force photo

The US Naval Institute News service reports on the response by the Australian and New Zealand Navies to the tsunami that followed a recent underwater volcanic eruption near Tonga.

Both navies have sent Maritime Patrol Aircraft to survey the damage. New Zealand is taking the initiative to sortie ships even before they receive a request for assistance. Australia is preparing a ship to go.

New Zealand’s response it especially commendable in taking immediate action without waiting for a request for assistance.

Just as in the response to the 2021 earthquake in Haiti, it appears an Offshore Patrol Vessel will be the first ship on scene.

HMNZS Wellington (pictured above) was designed by VARD, same firm that did the design for the Offshore Patrol Cutter.  She is much smaller, but you can see a family resemblance. Photos of the other New Zealand ships mentioned in the below.

 HMNZS Aotearoa (A11) (Photo courtesy of Deck Cadet Natalie Dorsey) For an underway replenishment ship, this ship is unusual in that it is ice-strengthened. 

New Zealand Defence Force – The HMNZS CANTERBURY (L 421) off Samoa coastline


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