Whiskey Wars End


MSN reports,

“Denmark and Canada have decided to formally end their “light-hearted” dispute that spanned over 50 years over an uninhabited Arctic island.”

Like King Solomon, they are going to split the baby.

“It was dubbed as “Whisky War” due to military ships visiting the island and planting flags and bottles of Canadian whiskey or Danish schnapps to mark their territory.”


4 thoughts on “Whiskey Wars End

    • Chuck, Joining our Danish and Canadian allies on this Island would give the Coast Guard an Artic presence. We could drink Canada Dry.

      • Sounds like some guys I worked with way way back – from Seattle to Anchorage – on a breakfast flight they had drank the plane dry before the flight attendants had mad it half way up the isle – the flight attendants kept repeating “I can’t believe this, this has never happened before” – guess they never had a flight with a bunch of cannery machinists on their way to a couple of feet south of the armpit of creation – actually a bunch of nice guys – some real characters however – broke the mold when some of them were made –

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