“Coast Guard releases a request for proposal for long range interceptor III cutter boats” –CG-9

Long Range Interceptor, Length: 35 feet
Maximum Speed: 40 knots
Range: 240 nautical miles
MEDITERRANEAN SEA (April 23, 2021) Crew prepare to depart from the U.S. Coast Guard Legend-class national security cutter Hamilton (WMSL 753)… (U.S. Coast Guard courtesy photo)

The Acquistions Directorate (CG-9) has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new, third generation of Long Range Interceptors. This is an 11 meter (35 foot) boat, unique to the National Security Cutters. For convinence, I have reproduced the CG-9 announcement below.

If you want to look more closely at the specs, go here and select Attachment 1. A couple of interesting items you will find among the specs are references to removable ballistic protection panels (p.66) and “OVER-THE-HORIZON SATELLITE BLUE FORCE TRACKING (SBFT) SYSTEM” (p.97).

Coast Guard releases a request for proposal for long range interceptor III cutter boats

The Coast Guard released a request for proposal (RFP) today to acquire the third generation of long range interceptor boats (LRI III). The Coast Guard plans to acquire up to 17 LRI IIIs. The RFP is available here.

The acquisition is being conducted as a total small business set-aside under Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 19.5.

Proposals are due by Nov. 1.

The LRI cutter boat platform is designed to augment Coast Guard national security cutter mission effectiveness by providing over-the-horizon capability in search and rescue, drug and migrant interdiction, living marine resources, defense readiness, and ports, waterway and coastal security missions.

For more information: Boat Acquisition Program page.

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