Below is video coverage of the EURONAVAL 2022 trade show, done by Naval News. Below each video is text that accomanied the video on its Youtube page. The highlight for me, was the new 95 meter (312 foot) S. Korean Hundai OPV design, six of which are to be built for the Philippine Navy, discussed in the fourth video.

  • 01:09 – Interview with Admiral Vandier, Chief of Staff of the French Navy
  • 02:48 – PANG next generation aircraft carrier
  • 05:25 – OCEA OSV 315 seabed warfare vessel
  • 06:59 – BAE Systems Adaptable Strike Frigate
  • 10:00 – BAE Systems XLUUV
  • 10:36 – EPC European Patrol Corvette
  • – Nexter new Narwhal RWS fitted with 2 Akeron MP missiles
  • – BAE Systems Kingfisher Stand Off ASW shell
  • – MBDA Exocet MM40 Block 3c and Teseo Mk 2/E
  • – Lacroix new SEAMOSC decoy launcher
  • – Rohde & Schwarz new electronic warfare mast
  • – Thales CAPTAS-4 VDS for the U.S. Navy Constellation-class Frigate
  • 01:04 – General Atomcis’ EMALS and AAG for France’s future aircraft carrier (PANG)
  • 03:18 – General Atomics MQ-9B SeaGuardian for the French Navy’s AVSIMAR Phase 2 MALE UAV requirement
  • 06:54 – Schiebel’s new S-300 CAMCOPTER VTOL UAV
  • 07:24 – TKMS MEKO A-200 EN
  • 08:21 – TKMS MEKO A-300
  • 09:50 – TKMS MEKO A-100 10:15 – TKMS Type 212CD
  • 10:36 – TKMS Advanced Submarine Fuel Cell (ASFC) and Li-Ion battery for submarines
  • 11:20 – Alseamar’s Seaexplorer glider with new ASW payload

K. S. Woo, Senior Vice President of marketing, Naval & Sepcial Ship Business Unit, introduced HHI as the #1 shipbuilder in the world. We then focused on two ongoing programs for the Philippine Navy:

  • – HDP-2200 OPV
  • – HDF-3100 Corvette

Hyundai Heavy Industries signed a contract with the Philippine Department of National Defense on June 27, 2022 for six new 2,400 ton Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV). In December 2021, HHI announced it won an order to build two 3,200 ton class corvettes for the Philippine Navy.

2 thoughts on “EURONAVAL 2022

    • @Andrew, the Philippines builds a lot of ships, but they don’t build warships. I think in the long term they would have been better off, if they had built locally, but apparently Austal priced themselves out of the game, and the Philippine Navy seems happy with their S. Korean made light frigates. Meanwhile the Philippine CG got Cutters on very favorable terms from Japan, so don’t see much growth in Philippine military vessel construction.

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