“Sea Machines and USCG partner on computer vision domain awareness” –Marine Link

Photo from Sea Machines website, https://sea-machines.com/ai-ris/

Marine Link reports that a 270 foot WMEC has been fitted with an artificial intelligence recognition and identification system (AI-ris) computer vision product by Sea Machines.

AI-ris uses artificial intelligence to identify and track visual targets of interest. Installation on the cutter was made possible under an ongoing Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) between Sea Machines Robotics and the USCG Research and Development Center in an effort to evaluate how computer vision systems can be utilized for autonomous navigation, collision avoidance, and target detection. The deployment of AI-ris provides the USCG a new tool for maritime domain awareness and allows Sea Machines to refine its computer vision technology with feedback from the USCG across a range of environmental conditions and operational scenarios.”

No idea why the report did not name the cutter that got the system. Even the photo that accompanied the report has no hull number.

Sea Machines and the Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC) do have some history, having used their SM300 Autonomous Command & Control system.

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