“Coast Guard, partners tracking Russian vessel off Hawaiian Coast” –D14

Vishnya class intelligence ship Kareliya (Picture source: Russian MoD)

Below is a news release from D14. The subject is a bit unusual. The accompanying video shows two vessels. One is a Russian Navy Vishnya class intelligence ship, presumably Kareliya, being either towed or perhaps receiving fuel from a ship that appears to be a merchant tanker. The tanker does have some unusual structures forward and amidships. It is not the first time this particular intelligence ship has operated off the coast of Hawaii.

The intelligence vessel (AGI) is probably there to observe missile tests from Barking Sands.

News Release

U.S. Coast Guard 14th District Hawaii and the Pacific

Coast Guard, partners tracking Russian vessel off Hawaiian Coast

Russia Spy

Editors’ Note: Click on video to download a high-resolution version.

HONOLULU — In recent weeks, the U.S. Coast Guard has continued to monitor a Russian vessel, believed to be an intelligence gathering ship, off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands.
While foreign military vessels may transit freely through the U.S. economic exclusive zone (EEZ), as per customary international laws, foreign-flagged military vessels have often been observed operating and loitering within Coast Guard District Fourteen’s area of response.
The Coast Guard continues to coordinate with Department of Defense partners, providing updates to foreign vessel movements and activities and to appropriately meet presence with presence to encourage international maritime norms.  
“The U.S. Coast Guard is currently monitoring the Russian vessel operating in the vicinity of Hawaii,” said Cmdr. Dave Milne, chief of External Affairs. “As part of our daily operations, we track all vessels in the Pacific area through surface and air assets and joint agency capabilities.
The Coast Guard operates in accordance with international laws of the sea to ensure all nations can do the same without fear or contest. This is especially critical to secure freedom of movement and navigation throughout the Blue Pacific.” 
As a part of the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard is the lead federal agency for at-sea enforcement of U.S. fisheries laws; additionally, the Coast Guard assists in the enforcement of laws on the high seas subject to the jurisdiction of the United States’ exclusive economic zone. Law and treaty enforcement account for approximately 1/3 of the Coast Guard’s annual budget. 

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