“Sri Lankan CARAT 2023 Completed” –SeaWaves

USS Anchorage seen from Sri Lanka’s SLNS Gajabahu. CARAT 2023

SeaWaves Magazine reports,

“Taking part in the sea phase of Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) exercise 2023, SLNS Gajabahu and SLNS Samudura of the Sri Lanka Navy and ‘USS Anchorage’ of the U.S. Navy successfully conducted a series of naval exercises off Negombo on 22nd and 23rd January 2023.”

I had to point this out because both Sri Lankan ships mentioned are former US Coast Guard Cutters. SLNS Samudura is the former USCGC Courageous (WMEC-622) transferred to Sri Lanka in 2004 and SLNS Gajabahu is the former USCGC Sherman (WHEC-720) transferred to Sri Lanka in 2018.

Former USCGC Courageous, now SLNS Samudura P621. Photo by Rehman Abubakr

SLNS Gajabahu (P626), SLNS Sayurala (P623) and SLNS Sindurala (P624) during 2022 Colombo Naval Exercise. SLNS Samudura (P261) also visible in the distance. Photo defence.lk

1 thought on ““Sri Lankan CARAT 2023 Completed” –SeaWaves

  1. Looks pretty flaccid without the air search radar. Former shipmates are happy these greyhounds have repurposed and still stand to sea.

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