DOD Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, 1 June 2019

Winkel Tripel projection, WGS84 datum, central meridian : 150°E. Source Wikipedia Commons, Author: Eric Gaba

The DOD has issued a 64 page unclassified Indo-Pacific Strategy Report

Below is the press release quoted in full. Sorry, I have not read it yet, so no commentary. The US Coast Guard and coast guard organizations are mentioned a number of time. 

The Department of Defense’s Indo-Pacific Strategy Report was publicly released the morning of June 1, 2019, and can be accessed here, under “Publications” on

The first Indo-Pacific Strategy Report released by the Department, the document is a comprehensive articulation of DoD’s role within a whole-of-government strategy for the Indo-Pacific region.  As an implementation document, the report provides clarity on the U.S. National Defense Strategy as it applies to the region and highlights the role of allies and partners in implementing our shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

The report details the Department’s enduring commitment to upholding a free and open Indo-Pacific.  The execution of this vision is articulated in the context of preparedness, partnerships, and the promotion of a networked region.

Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan delivered key messages from the report during his plenary remarks at the 18th Asia Security Summit: the IISS Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore.

USCG in Packistani Naval Exercise?

USS Hurricane (PC-3)

USS Hurricane (PC-3)

Interesting note from the German Navy Blog, “Marine Forum”

“10 February, PAKISTAN, Opening ceremony in Karachi for Pakistan-hosted multinational naval exercise „Aman 2017“ … until 14 Feb, three phases in and off Karachi: in-port, at-sea maritime, anti-terror (special forces/naval infantry) … participants from 37 countries, 9 of which with naval units … 24th Chinese task group (destroyer „Harbin“, frigate „Handan“, replenishment ship „Dongpinghu“), Russian Northern Fleet task group (destroyer „Severomorsk“, tanker „Dubna“, salvage tug „Altay“), USA with patrol boat „Typhoon“, AKE „Amelia Earhart“ plus two USCG vessels (emphasis applied–Chuck) … frigate „Arunta“ (Australia), frigate „Sultan Iskandar Muda“ (Indonesia), OPV „Samudra“ (Sri Lanka), frigate „Gelibolu“ (Turkey), destroyer „Daring“ (UK) … and, of course, hosting Pakistan Navy”

I can only think that since the Navy PC “Typhoon” is there, the two USCG vessels might be 110s out of Bahrain. Kind of surprising we have not seen any press releases on this.

110 foot WPB USCGC Jefferson Island

110 foot WPB USCGC Jefferson Island

Bangladesh Coast Guard to Get Huge Upgrade

File Image: Fincantieri - Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A.

MarineLink is reporting that the Bangladesh Coast Guard has reached agreement with Italy and Fincantieri for the refurbishment and transfer of four Minerva Class Corvettes, “Minerva”, “Sibilla”, “Urania”, and “Danaide”, for use as Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs). The 87 meter (285 foot), 1,285 ton, diesel powered, 25 knot vessels had been previously employed in this role by the Italian Navy. They first entered service between 1987 and 1991.

My trusty “Combat Fleets of the World,” 16th Ed., copyright 2013, indicates that the Bangladeshi Coast Guard consisted of approximately 20 officers and 250 enlisted. The Wikipedia entry, which appears very up to date, says they have 1,282 personnel and 57 vessels. Apparently the organization is growing rapidly, helped by the Bangladesh Navy. It is probable they would welcome some assistance from the USCG. It sounds like the Bangladesh Coast Guard closely follows the USCG model in terms of missions and general structure, in that it is a military organization outside the regular defense organization having law enforcement authority and a military mission in time of war.

The intention is to extend the life of these four ships another 20 years. Delivery is expected to take two years. There is no specific information about what the conversion would include.

Is Pakistan Forming an American (or Chinese) Style Coast Guard?

Defense News reports that Pakistan is planning a new force to protect its ports and Exclusive Economic Zone. There are few details except that it should have 12,000 members. There is speculation that it will incorporate the existing Maritime Safety Agency which is a maritime agency under control of the Navy and their existing Coast Guard which is a shore-side agency under control of the Army.