“SEWIP Roll-Out Continues To US Fleet / Northop Grumman Tests Ultra-Lite Electronic Attack System” –Naval News

Cropped version focusing on the AN/SLQ-32(V)6 suite, USS Porter (DDG-78). Photo by Johan Fredriksson CC-BY-SA

Naval News provides an update on Electronic Warfare (EW) modernization. The paragraph of particular interest to the Coast Guard is below.

A compact SEWIP Lite variant, known as AN/SLQ-32C(V)6, has been developed for smaller ships. Initial deliveries of this scaled version – designed to provide early detection, signal analysis and threat warning for small ships – are supporting the US Coast Guard Heritage class Offshore Patrol Cutter program and the navy’s Littoral Combat Ship.

There is a second Naval News report that may be related, “Northop Grumman Tests Ultra-Lite Electronic Attack System,”

The Ultra-Lite EA System is a scaled-down, onboard EA system for anti-ship missile defense for smaller ships.

Presumably, those smaller ships are again the Heritage (Argus) class Offshore Patrol Cutters and the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships.